Thalidomide Research

We aim to provide a single point of access for available thalidomide research, covering a wide range of aspects of the impact of thalidomide.

Full reports of research commissioned by the Trust itself are available here, as well as a bibliography of worldwide thalidomide research documents known to us.

Where we are conducting new research we would like to encourage our beneficiaries to take part where possible. This will provide invaluable insights into issues faced which can be used to support the wider thalidomide community.

Our Research Projects



Find out more about the research projects that the Trust has commissioned

Worldwide Thalidomide Research

box files of completed research projects

Find a list of all worldwide thalidomide research known to the Trust

TAKE PART – Cardiovascular Risk Research

Investigating blood pressure measurement in thalidomide survivors

TAKE PART – Physical Activity Experiences

Reviewing issues faced and successful experiences of physical activity