Emotional Wellbeing

Your emotional wellbeing is extremely important for your mental health and helps you to be positive and happy, to be productive so that you can use your abilities to their full potential, and, helps you to deal with life's changes.

Feelings of anxiety and depression have a negative effect on emotional wellbeing and most people will need support to understand what is happening and to put a plan in place to help overcome them.

Here we explore emotional wellbeing and things that may affect your mental health, together with options for support and therapies.

Protect your mental health while self isolating




counselling therapy for mental health

Positive impact of pets


owning a pet can improve mental health

Emotional eating

mental health causing emotional eating

Preparing for winter

Lift-Up programme

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Additional Information


Talk Together




The Trust’s talking service to help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation

Mental health resources

resources to get active

Find additional information on selected websites to help improve your mental health

Mental health apps

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Research papers



Read further information on mental health within the thalidomide community