Our health section provides general advice on a wide range of key issues most people are facing. As well as useful information, advice and links, you will find case studies and personal experiences shared by other beneficiaries.

You can contact the Health & Wellbeing team for confidential advice and support on all aspects of your health on 01480 474074 or email.

Ears – Hearing

hearing test

Find out about hearing problems and equipment that may help




Read about laser eye surgery and the benefits it can bring


Falls & Balance Awareness

balancing person

Become aware of why you can fall and how you can help prevent this


Health Appointments


primary care professionals, GPs

Learn how to make the most of health appointments to get the best care


Hip Pain – Hip Replacement

hip pain

Find out more about the causes of hip pain and how to manage it





Understand the potential causes of pain and how to help manage it

Men’s Health Champion

men and mental health

Find out how the Trust is supporting it’s male beneficiaries on health concerns


Man with prosthetic leg

A look at prosthetic services available and how to get the best from them

Sleep Apnoea

man sleeping with CPAP mask on for sleep apnoea

Dr Susan Brennan explains what Sleep Apnoea is and how it can be treated



smile showing even teeth

Dr Julian Leiner explains what dental implants are and how they are fitted

Your Health


stethoscope checking heart for health

Keep healthy and become aware of key issues that can affect anyone

Health & Wellbeing Resources

emergency grant

See all our Health & Wellbeing videos and factsheets for more information