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Health & Wellbeing

Find a wealth of Health & Wellbeing information relevant to those whose daily lives are affected by thalidomide.

Health & Wellbeing information

Support Services

Thalidomide Trust Health & Wellbeing team members Katy Sagoe, Cheryl Pinkney and Michelle Robinson

We offer a number of support services to help look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Managing Finances

Jeff Prevost

Guidance and information for beneficiaries on key financial matters for future planning and daily living.

Finance guidance and information

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Find details of all Trust events and Positively Connected events so you can book your place.

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Thalidomide Community

Thalidomide Community

Join the Thalidomide Community to connect with others, find information and share experiences.

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Find a Professional


Find a medical professional or physiotherapist who has treated people affected by thalidomide.

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Take A Look At What's New

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How to keep yourself safe online

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Manage your weight and stay healthy

At The Heart Of Our Activities

Our beneficiaries who are living with a wide range of disabilities caused by thalidomide

Responding to requests for support by our Health & Wellbeing and Finance teams

Face to face Holistic Needs Assessments to ensure the correct support is provided