Care and Carers

For anyone getting older and for people with disabilities some support is needed to go about daily lives and continue to live life to the full.

Here we provide signposting and information on a number of options to getting the support required. In addition, some of our beneficiaries have shared their own experiences.

We also have a resource pack for any front line social workers working as a Personal Assistant (PA), or carer, for the first time with someone who is living with the effects of the drug thalidomide.

You might want to share this with your new carer - click the button below to download it and email it to them or print it out.

Front Line Social Care Worker Resource Pack

Social Care


elderly man greeting a social care worker at his door

Getting the support you need at home from Social Care is worth fighting for

Social Care and how to apply

Employing A Personal Assistant

Having personal assistants at home can make your daily life easier

How to employ a personal assistant

Which Guide To Employing Carers

private carer ironing clothes for elderly client in wheelchair

Which have published guidance on how to employ private carers

Read Which guide