Coronavirus - Guidance And Support From The Thalidomide Trust

hands face space government coronavirus messageSince the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) in March the Thalidomide Trust has provided guidance and support for all beneficiaries, highlighting issues that are particularly relevant to thalidomide affected individuals.  We have also signposted a number of useful information sources to provide additional help.

As the pandemic continues and guidance is updated regularly we are bringing all the information together to make it all easy to access.

Trust Updates And Official Guidance

Additional Support

Protect Your Mental Health If Isolating


Feeling Anxious? Self-Help Advice

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Thalidomide Trust Covid-19 Response


Coronavirus Related Beneficiary News

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Contact Us Or Use Our Support Services

Help and support is available from the Trust on any issue, call on 01480 474074 or email us.

Lift-Up Service

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