Ramesh’s Unique Gym Workout

Ramesh demonstrates his unique gym workout developed to suit his own disabilities as a Thalidomider



I have cut sweat pants and use them on the treadmill and floor exercises. They help with preventing skin burns, cuts etc.



Using the treadmill on a forward motion,I find, really works the hips, neck and legs – I also set it on an incline which changes the position for my neck and back.



Using the treadmill backwards works different muscles and limbs, allowing the muscles to work in the opposite direction to the forward motion – Setting an incline changes my motion and mobility on the treadmill.


I also shuffle on the treadmill sideways, in both to left and right directions. This allows equal use on the hips, shoulders, neck and core. – I do this on the flat as well as on an incline.


Combining pulley weights with a treadmill works my arms and hips, involves more control of hips, shoulder, back, arms core and legs.

Working the tread mill at slower speeds increases the intensity further, as the core muscles have to engage more to fully control my movements. Maintaining a steady pace for longer increases both stamina and an effective heart rate.



Kicking the 2lbs ball from left foot and then right, creates resistance on the legs, and works the hips, back, maintains my balance and shuffle control, my coordination, and increases cardio rates

(editor’s note: Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. To keep our muscles in shape we need move them, moving them makes them stronger, and stronger muscles make for a more efficient and healthy body. Your heart is a muscle).


Throwing the 2lb ball back and forth using both arms helps me with shoulder, arm, and back strengthening. This is done in a stationery position as well as in motion, whilst shuffling on the floor. They are two different exercises but work additional muscles, especially the shuffle and throw. Again this great for increased cardio.



Bouncing the 2lb ball works the arms, shoulders backand neck and is also good for coordination. This is an exercise that I do both stationery and also in shuffle motion.



This exercise is done on the flat and although it seems slow, the control of the ball really helps with core, legs and back muscles. I often do 3 sets each set consisting of 10 reps. When I first started this exercise I used a 1lb ball, and I have now moved up to a 5lb ball but it has taken me a few months to get to this weight.



Bosu ball


Balancing on the Bosu ball is really good for the core, neck and leg. I also find it is a great way of stretching my back as I am forced to do it, if I want to stay on the ball.


Just showing off now as I have just started throwing and bouncing the 2lbs ball recently but it is good for controlled coordination, balance, core and back.




Using the bosu ball upside down, is quite difficult as there is less surface area for balancing, but it is really good for core and legs. No ball bouncing on this one, YET!!!!




I use the paramount machine to work both my legs and hip muscles. This picture shows me shuffling with weights that create a resistance but also require hip and leg control, if one doesn’t want to do the splits in public.I use anything from 5.5lb to 7lb weights to pull, although at the beginning I used the lightest weight possible and worked up.



Using the 7.5lb weight resistance of the paramount, has really helped me to keep my arms strong and the slower the motion of pulling and releasing the more control and the more effective it is building strength. I also adjust the height and width of the pulley to allow more flexibility in the motion that includes twisting and pulling which and work on back and hip stretching and strengthening.


This exercise uses the 2lb ball in the same way as the floor exercises above, except on this occasion I have created more resistance by using the weights on the Paramount machine. I do both throwing and bouncing the ball exercises using the weight resistance from the machine.


These exercises work the back, core, arms, hips, thighs and gluts. Although these exercises are slower than all the others I find that 3 or 4 sets really helps with increasing the heart rate, working the core and hips.



By lying on the rolled up mat down the centre of my back really helps with stretching my back and core.
This stretching is really effective after the workout.




I use an air cushion for stretching the base of my back; I also started with this air cushion for balancing before progressing to the Bosu ball.