Emergency Care, Surgery And Anaesthetics

hospital with emergency careThe Thalidomide Trust provides a wide range of expert information and advice to medical professionals treating people affected by thalidomide damage.

We thank our many beneficiaries who have contributed as the real experts by sharing their experiences.

What medical professionals need to know about people affected by thalidomide damage when providing emergency care or before surgery

Emergency Care

Emergency care

Essential information for Emergency Care professionals treating patients with Thalidomide Embryopathy

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Preparing For Surgery

doctor talking to patient before surgery

The key medical issues to be considered before surgery on people with thalidomide damage

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Meeting the needs of thalidomide patients

Mr James Donaldson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, delivers a presentation titled, ‘Meeting the Needs of a Unique Group of Thalidomide Patients –  Lower Limb Case Studies’.



Sharing Information For Additional Support

Support For GP Practices


primary care professionals, GPs

Expert information and advice on health issues faced by our beneficiaries in their daily lives

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Support For Physiotherapists

physiotherapy professionals

What physiotherapists need to know about people affected by thalidomide damage

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Beneficiary Experiences Of Surgery

a thalidomider's hip joint X-ray shows that ne side is not formed properly resulting in hip pain

Beneficiaries share their experiences of surgery, the issues faced and how they overcame them

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