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physiotherapy professionalsThe Thalidomide Trust provides a wide range of expert information and advice to physiotherapy professionals who make a significant difference to people affected by thalidomide damage.

We thank our many beneficiaries who have contributed as the real experts by sharing their experiences.

What physiotherapists need to know about people affected by thalidomide damage


Understanding Thalidomide

Thalidomide word in blocks

Essential information for Physiotherapists treating patients with Thalidomide Embryopathy

Understand thalidomide

Physiotherapy in Thalidomide Embryopathy


The key health issues faced by people with thalidomide damage and how to approach them

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Maintaining Mobility of Thalidomiders

beneficiary Helen Shore taking a walk to keep active

Paper – Implications of reduced mobility, pain development and therapeutic procedures

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Physiotherapy Video Case Study

David Leckie

Physiotherapist Fraser shares his experience of working with David to improve his health

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Sharing Information For Additional Support

Frontline Publication

frontline physiotherapy magazine

Katy Sagoe explains how physios can alleviate symptoms experienced by thalidomiders

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Beneficiary Events

Fit For The Future events – Health and fitness related issues beneficiaries face in their daily lives

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Beneficiary Stories

Our beneficiaries share how physiotherapy and exercise have helped to significantly reduce pain

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Contact a Physiotherapist

Kate Barnard

Get in touch with other physiotherapists who have previously treated people with thalidomide damage

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The team at the Thalidomide Trust are happy to provide further information and advice wherever possible.

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Do you have a story to share?

If you have experience or working with a person with thalidomide damage, and both you and your client are happy to share it, please get in touch with us

Many professionals and beneficiaries find it incredibly helpful to read the stories of others in the same situation.