How Do I Access A Volunteer?

If you would like the support of one of the Trust's volunteers on any issue, the information below will advise you how. Rest assured, all requests are treated confidentially.

Requesting volunteer support

Get in touch with the Health and Wellbeing team directly.

You can call our team on 01480 474074 or email us 

A member of our team will make contact with you to talk about your request and suggest the most appropriate way to support you with a volunteer. If you agree that you would like to try this, a volunteer will then be put in touch with you.

The initial contact from the volunteer is usually by telephone or email. We usually try to match up a request so that the volunteer has the relevant knowledge or experience of the issue. Geographic location can also play a part, if the volunteer lives in the same region, but this is not essentially important as volunteers are quite willing to travel and often successful contact can be maintained through telephone calls or via e-mail.

Currently we have volunteers across the UK and we also have a small number based in North America.

Holistic Needs Assessment - Support from Volunteers

Following an HNA you may receive support from a volunteer. The level and support you will need will be discussed with you during your HNA.