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Thank You To Our Volunteers

We would like to say a huge "Thank You" to all our volunteers - for their dedication to support other beneficiaries, giving up their time and going that extra mile to help someone.

Don't just take our word for it though - here's just some of the feedback we have received from beneficiaries.


“Thank you for giving up your time and help support the Thalidomide community. The chill n chat, especially during lockdown has been of great support and have enjoyed them enormously. Even though we can now have our freedoms back I still like to drop into the chat when I can as they are a great pick me up. There is nothing like talking to another Thalidomider. “


“I already had the care component of PIP and was now having difficulty with my mobility. I had applied for PIP mobility myself but had been rejected twice. I had given up, but the Trust encouraged me to reapply.  I was referred to a beneficiary volunteer, an expert who deals with these applications from within our community. She was extremely knowledgeable of the precise information I needed to include and how to word my application. I made a fresh application and was successful. I now receive both the mobility and the care component of PIP.”


“I would like to thank the volunteers who host the Zoom sessions, I love them! it’s so good keeping in touch and I always feel much better after attending.”


“I enjoy my phone conversations with my volunteer. She is very easy to talk to and her advice is first class. She is always willing to listen to any problems that I might have. “
“Through the gift of their time and compassion the volunteers have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing new friends from all over the world! A priceless gift, thank you!!!”


“Since I joined about 18 months ago the other beneficiaries on the Zoom calls have kept my sanity and sense of humour. The past two years for me have been hell, but the Zoom sessions have kept me going, even when I’m in hospital with drips and stuff and I look a state, they have always been there to spur me on and give me loads of support. It has been amazing to be able to have such fantastic, loving and loyal friends and I’m extremely lucky and very touched that they all care so much. May the online sessions never end! Love, hugs and warmest thanks to them all !”


“I certainly do love the online events I attend. It’s a great laugh and long may it last.”


“Online Zoom sessions have been an opportunity for me to open a new door in my life and talk and see other thalidomide people which I haven’t done for 40 years. I’m so glad I joined or I would probably never have realised what I was missing. I can’t thank my volunteer enough for making me welcome and feel part of a group. I enjoy it immensely and hope these sessions will continue for a while yet! “
“I asked for support from Lift Up/Talk Together and was able to choose a volunteer who I didn’t know. It was during 2020, a family member had died from Covid and my children were both home in the first lockdown. I felt that I had to support the home workers and hide my overwhelming grief.

My volunteer was wonderful. She listened to me, made helpful suggestions and, as thalidomide survivors, we really bonded over shared experiences. She was firm, but fair, and helped me to begin to do more self-care and to set personal boundaries. I was missing my friends and it was lovely to have a phone call once a week.

The Trust was a wonderful and discreet link between me and my volunteer. The service was completely reliable but it allowed flexibility if I was away from base to miss a session. I would whole heartedly recommend the Lift Up/Talk Together service.”


“We have a sterling host for the online social events. She always turns up looking smiley, gives us her full attention, and lifts our afternoons. Thank you!”


“I can’t always join in every fortnight, but when I do it is good to converse with other Thalidomiders.”


“We discuss many topics from dining to dogs and advice is also given if asked for. You never know who will pop in. Thank you.”


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