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General Equipment

Mangar Camel Lifting Chair

The Mangar Camel Lifting Chair has been designed to help a carer lift a person from the floor to a height where they could transfer to a wheelchair. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Take a look at a video from Mangar Health showing how it works.

You can purchase this chair online from the Complete Care Shop.

Mangar Chair operated by 1 carer to lift a person up to transfer to a wheelchair


Simone Illger

Simone has had a bespoke office chair made specifically for her in order to be more comfortable while working at her desk and computer. The company she used was Online Ergomomics.

"I can't believe that with my 'unique shape' I've never considered a 'unique shaped office chair'! It was delivered today. OH MY GOODNESS, so much more comfortable."

"I feel that this will really help my aches and pains (hip, buttock). Not cheap - £689.04.... BUT it was made to my specific measurements. The company were really helpful too....."


A number of beneficiaries have had their kitchens adapted in a variety of ways to suit their requirements. This has meant that they can continue to enjoy cooking in a stylish kitchen.

Kath West

Kath's adapted kitchen allows her and her husband to use the kitchen together by incorporating standard height worktops alongside a row of lower ones.

"All my kitchen units were standard because we went for drawer units rather than cupboards. Cupboards would have had to be specially made for my height, whereas with drawers I just had 2 high instead of 3. Also drawers are easier for me to access as oppose to trying to reach to back of cupboards. For my wall mounted, over worktop cupboards, I went for shallower ones for my section, for similar reaching reasons."

"I have a Miele oven with an optional pull out cassette system, so that all the shelves roll out at once on the cassette instead of needing to pull out individually. And my cooker hood is rigged to a power switch low down so that I can switch it on and off easily from there."

"I was also particularly careful choosing the flooring. We actually went around shops with a bottle of water so that we could sprinkle on the samples and test how slippery they were for me to walk on."

Kath's kitchen has two hobs at different heights for disabled and able bodied access

Kath's kitchen design includes worktops at different heights for both her and her husband to use

Miele oven showing a pull out cassette for all shelves giving easy access to cooking food

Simone Illger

Simone has had some carefully thought out features and equipment installed in her kitchen to help make it easier to use for both herself and her husband.

She also uses some readily available tools and utensils to assist with reaching and serving food.

Simone takes us on a tour of her kitchen in this video

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People are often put off making adaptations because they worry that it means living surrounded by unattractive and medical looking contraptions! But this isn’t the case and we are developing a bank of case studies and examples of how people have made adaptations to their homes to inspire others, so please let us know if you have a beautiful bathroom or kitchen and send us a picture.

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