beneficiary Helen Shore taking a walk to keep activeMove More Challenge

The Trust encouraged all beneficiaries and staff to clock up 10,000 more minutes moving in 2021 to improve health and wellbeing.
(Don’t panic - that’s just 30 minutes more movement a day!)

Many people find it difficult to take part in formal exercises, and become less physically active over time. But scientists are discovering that if you keep moving, there are health benefits throughout your life, especially as you age.

Well done to everyone who increased their activity levels!

If you would like to get moving more we have trained beneficiary volunteers who can help you decide how to get more active. Please call the Health & Wellbeing team on 01480 474074.

Get moving to improve your overall health

From your brain to your joints, moving every day has the power to improve every part of your body. And it’s not just about high-impact, sweat-inducing exercise. Whether you choose to implement small movements into your routine or try a new activity, increasing your daily mobility can help with your overall health.

The Move More challenge

We were encouraging beneficiaries and staff to Move More in 2021! In fact, 10,000 minutes more in the year, which equates to under 30 minutes more movement a day.

Even though this challenge is complete, you can still challenge yourself to move more on an ongoing basis.

This extra time moving doesn’t need to be all in one go. It can be broken up throughout the day, slotting it in when it suits your schedule. Maybe you are an early bird and moving first thing in the morning is when you have the most energy or you might prefer to Move More after lunch. Whatever activities you choose, ensure they are enjoyable and you will be more likely to stick with it.

Starting with small amounts of movement makes a difference

Start by incorporating small stints of movement like stretching for 10 minutes, walk laps around the house when you’re on a call, venture out on your local paths or practice a short yoga routine, roll on a Pilates ball or bounce on your bed.  All your movement adds up!

Even these small movements can have a significant impact on both your physical and mental health. As an added bonus you can do them all from the comfort of your home without changing into specific clothes.

Benefits of moving more

When you start moving more you’ll be making a difference all over your body:-

stretching back muscles while sittingMUSCLES

When moving you are strengthening your muscles, improving stability, balance, and coordination. Stretching helps maintain muscle health.

healthy bonesBONES

Movement helps build more durable, denser bones.

knee jointJOINTS

Slow exercise like Yoga is all about body awareness, where you pay attention to each movement. By being aware of how you move, you can increase coordination and balance, be mindful of the positioning of your joints, and relax. Yoga encourages flexibility and range-of-motion, which boosts joint flexibility and joint function.


Walking 30-40 minutes a day three times per week can help “regrow” the structures of the brain linked to cognitive decline in older adults.


Moving more is key to reducing your risk of coronary heart disease.

healthy lungsLUNGS

You don’t have to perform high-intensity movements and be gasping for your lungs to benefit. Try any activity that you know will get your lungs going but at a comfortable pace.

Moving improves your wellbeing too

You’ll soon start to reap the benefits of moving more on a regular basis.  The extra movement you incorporate into your life everyday can help you fall asleep faster, be more energized during the day, and boost concentration - all of which will improve your wellbeing.

Track your movement to monitor your progress

Why not use a movement tracker to keep track of the increased movement in your week?

Detail the time of day, duration and the activity you completed and how it made you feel.

Download Movement Tracker


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