Joint Event Cancelled

the Thalidomide SocietySadly the joint Thalidomide Society and NAC event in April has been cancelled due to coronavirus. Ruth Blu has issued the following statement:

Dear all, with a very heavy heart and lots of sensible thinking, the Thalidomide Society and the Thalidomide Trust's NAC have decided to cancel the April 25th joint conference at Radisson Blu, Stansted Airport, due to the threat of coronavirus.

We will be in touch by email and post over the next few days and a full refund will be issued, as soon as possible, to everyone who has booked already.
The reason for our decision is based on the growing number of coronavirus cases with no real expectation that the virus is going to disappear soon; in fact, the end of April / early May is likely to see a peak in cases. The advice of the hotel itself was that we should cancel because, as Radisson Blu is an airport hotel, it is difficult to control through traffic. In context, almost all of their events to the end of the year have also been cancelled.

We're all very sorry to announce this news and feel a bit deflated as we'd put a lot of work into making this year's event a special one as the first joint event. We hope to have news about rescheduling and, for Society members, we hope to hold a separate AGM only meeting later this year, when things look more stable.