NAC: What The Survey Shows Us

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In Focus: The results are in! Read our brief summary of the 2022 Beneficiary Survey

Graham Kelly - NAC Research Committee member 

Your feedback is appreciated

All beneficiaries were invited to complete a questionnaire and 65% did so. This is an excellent response rate that compares very well with other surveys that we read about. Thank you to all who took the time to do this.

UK residents were given a choice on whether to complete the questionnaire on paper or online. Just over half chose online. Overseas beneficiaries could only complete the questionnaire online this year, due to previous postal delays, but the overseas response rate was slightly higher than 2019, suggesting that most are happy to do it online.

Headline findings

You will have received a separate letter giving you an overview of the survey results and letting you know what the Trust and the NAC will be doing in response to them, but here are some of the headline survey findings.

Trust staff

  • Satisfaction with the most recent contact with Trust staff has increased again, and 91% were satisfied with the last occasion.
  • People were very positive on all measures relating to Trust staff, for example:
    • 89% agree that the Trust staff “are caring”;
    • 86% agree that “if I needed help the Trust would do all it can”.


  • Most beneficiaries have positive views about the NAC, for example:
    • 75% agree that “the NAC is a good way of ensuring beneficiary views are heard”;
    • 65% agree that “I feel I can trust the NAC”.


  • 72% agree that “I feel I can trust the Trustees”.

The NAC Newsletter

Encouragingly the newsletter was considered useful by the great majority - 52% thought it was “very useful” and another 33% thought it was “fairly useful” - that means that 85% regard it as “useful”.

Services provided by the Trust

Beneficiaries continue to support the Trust’s Health & Wellbeing services, with 92% agreeing that the telephone support from health professionals should continue, 89% supporting the development of specialist clinical networks, and 84% agreeing that the Trust should continue to research our health needs.

There is also continued support for the Trust’s expenditure on campaigning, with 80% agreeing that this should continue.

The Trust provides a range of services and runs physical and virtual events for beneficiaries, and our use of these is increasing. In the first feedback survey in 2016 we found that the average beneficiary used (or attended) 3.37 services/events, and in the 2022 survey this figure had increased to 4.17. That’s a 24% increase in beneficiary use of Trust services/events and reflects the increased levels of contact noted by Trust staff.

The Trust services most commonly used in the last three years were written information including factsheets (69%), the website (68%), support from Trust health professionals (58%) and benefits advice (38%).

The Trust website

Satisfaction with the Trust website is increasing. In 2019 36% of us were “fairly satisfied” and 41% were “very satisfied”. Those figures have now gone up to 41% and 51%, meaning that 92% were satisfied with the Trust website. Importantly, 78% now agree that they know how to find the financial information on the Trust website. Only 2% did not agree. The remaining 20% mainly said that they didn’t know, or neither agreed nor disagreed, suggesting that they haven’t tried to access the financial information on the website.

Read more from the NAC in the full Summer 2022 Newsletter (PDF)