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disability rights uk being activeDisability Rights UK release their guide "Being Active" to help disabled people get more active

Carolyn Desforges from our NAC recently went to an event held by the Disability Rights UK, focussed on getting people active. Here, she shares the information that was presented.

"On a bright sunny March afternoon, Susan Brennan, Simone Illger and myself attended a seminar run by Disability Rights UK at the Olympic Park. The seminar was a celebration of the positive outcomes of a 4 year “Get Yourself Active” project. Whilst this project focused on supporting the use of personal budgets to increase access to sport and activity for disabled people, several excellent speakers outlined factors that really resonated with me in my bid to get more active, and support my general wellbeing."

Get active in a way that suits you

"The first message that I found inspirational was that we don’t need to compare ourselves or try to copy those who are the fittest, but just getting active in any way makes sense for each of us, on our terms is the key. In fact, this should be an entitlement. We do need to move more and challenge our sedentary behavior but pleasure and fun need to be at the heart of any plan we set ourselves, whether it be to walking with your dog, dancing with friends or anything else we enjoy.

We do need to be aware of the activities available in our local area that suit our needs and interests, and at times may need support to investigate what is around – the Trust is developing “connect” volunteers, who will be able to help you to do this, or contact a member of the Health & Well-being team. It is really important that our first experience of an activity is positive, that it is easy to access, and fits easily with our everyday life, otherwise good intentions will just remain as intentions, rather than becoming a reality!

Disability Rights UK have produced a useful, readable guide which may be useful called “Being Active- an everyday guide for people living with an impairment or health condition” which I found helpful.

Good luck with getting started – being more active really does help with feeling more positive and confident, and of course, with managing our health!"

For more inspiration and information on how to get active, visit our page below.

Resources to get active

resources to get active