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Julie Jean presenting her Dragon picture to Mark Drakeford

Parliamentary Event in Wales

7th November 2014

On 2nd October 2014, there was an Assembly event in Cardiff (the fourth such event following those in Stormont, Northern Ireland, Holyrood, Scotland and Westminster).

Mark Drakeford AM, the Minister for Health and Social Services, opened the event.

World Health Organisation Logo

Thalidomide Embryopathy – World Health Organisation report

8th October 2014

Following extensive consultations involving the UK’s Thalidomide Trust, WHO and the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, experts have identified key actions to develop standardised criteria for diagnosis of birth defects due to thalidomide. Their findings and recommendations are published in a report released today.

NAC Newsletter – Oct 2014

1st October 2014

The Autumn 2014 NAC newsletter is available and includes: A few words from the new […]

One-handed belt

Myself – One-handed belt

14th May 2014

“Unlike traditional belts with difficult-to-fasten buckles, MySelf belts’ closure allows the user to fasten and […]