Know Your Numbers Webinar

Shiny red heart with stethoscopeJoin us to learn how you can help to manage your health as you age

Dr Susan Brennan will explain how to take proactive steps to manage your health in the webinar 'Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure, Blood Tests, Cholesterol and Heart Disease Risk'.

Find out what can raise your blood pressure and the steps you can take to best manage your readings. We’ll discuss causes of high blood pressure and why your blood pressure readings matter.

We will also discuss the importance of getting a diabetes screen and cholesterol test for good heart health.

You can also visit our web page How Healthy is Your Heart? and find information about the cardiovascular risk project the Trust has been undertaking. This includes how a private heart scan can help you to understand your own health and actions you can take to improve it.

The webinar is taking place on 30 May at 2:30 pm.

You can book your place through our Events calendar or by calling the office on 01480 474074.