Be More Active With Our Activity Buddies

Would you like to feel the benefits of getting more active in your life?

Our trained volunteer Activity Buddies can help you create an activity plan that works specifically for you.

Why have we introduced this service?

Increasing or maintaining activity levels as we age is essential for good health, mental wellbeing and to remain independent.

We know that many beneficiaries experience a variety of barriers to physical activity and also have a fear of pain or injury. This leads to a lack of motivation towards increasing activity levels.

The Trust recently commissioned a research project to develop an understanding of thalidomide survivors' experiences of physical activity and use this understanding to promote an increase in physical activity motivation and behaviour. This included some beneficiaries taking part in a pilot programme to develop an activity plan that suited their individual requirements. The programme was successful as the participants experienced health and wellbeing benefits.

The Activity Buddy service has been created from this pilot programme and is now available to all beneficiaries.

What do Activity Buddies do?

Our trained Activity Buddies will meet with you to understand what activities you enjoy, or used to enjoy if you have not been active for a while. An 'activity' doesn't necessarily have to be taking an exercise class or going to the gym. It can be gardening or taking your dog for a walk - it just needs to involve moving about.

The important thing is that you choose an activity that you enjoy so that you will want to do it regularly.

You will work with your Activity Buddy volunteer to make a plan to increase your activity levels over the coming weeks. This plan will include:

  • The goals that you want to achieve
  • Any support that you would like from others
  • Signposts to information or resources you need to achieve your goals

It’s your plan so it will be built around your preferences. For example:

  • do you like to be active alone or with others?
  • at home or at a gym?
  • outside in the fresh air or inside?
  • do you like to be active early in the day or later on?

You’ll have regular updates with your Activity Buddy to help keep you on track and motivated as you increase the amount of activity in your daily life.

Benefits to be achieved

The beneficiary pilot groups reported their increasing activity levels:

  • Helped them to manage pain
  • Improved their mental health
  • Helped them to maintain their independence
  • Supported weight management

Interested in getting more active? Here’s how you can get started

Get in touch with the Health & Wellbeing team on 01480 474074 or email us. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will match you with an Activity Buddy.

Our Activity Buddies

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Meet our buddies and read how they increased their own activity levels

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