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The aim of the Trust is to provide relief and assistance for those people born, in the United Kingdom, damaged as a result of their mothers having taken the drug Thalidomide (as manufactured by Distillers Biochemicals Limited) during their pregnancy.

We currently support 467 individuals each in the main between 49 and 55 years of age who, for the most part, have two or four limbs missing. These are a most remarkable group of people some of whom have made outstanding achievements in their lives despite living with extreme levels of disability, which in some cases also include loss of hearing or sight.

We are not a scientific or medical foundation and we do not conduct any scientific research. We are solely concerned with dealing with the effects of this one pharmaceutical product that was marketed in Britain from April 1958 until December 1961.

Latest News

Health Grant - Latest Report

The final report of the 3-year pilot study has now been published, which confirms the earlier reports of health deterioration among Thalidomiders and shows the wide range of uses to which beneficiaries have put their Health Grant funds. The main areas of expenditure are housing and mobility, and the report shows how much this money has helped people to improve their lives. Continue reading

Rare Disease Day 2013

February 28, 2013 marks the sixth international Rare Disease Day coordinated by EURORDIS and organised with rare disease national alliances in 24 European countries. Continue reading

Thalidomiders and their Trust receive announcements on the government grant

For those 18 or so Thalidomiders gathered in the gallery of the House of Commons on Thursday 20 December 2012, it was a momentous occasion. We heard Norman Lamb, the Minister for Care Services state the UK government’s commitment to … Continue reading

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