loo rolls in a basket

Let’s Talk Incontinence

29th November 2021

Join Helen Wall as she talks about incontinence and what signs to look out for […]

health insurance document and stethoscope

Health Insurance

4th October 2021

If you are one of our overseas beneficiaries, have you thought about getting health insurance? […]

Stop Smoking sign with a cigarette across a 'no-entry' sign for the letter 'O'

Giving Up Smoking

15th June 2021

David talks about his many attempts to give up smoking and how he finally succeeded […]

Alzheimer's Society logo

Dementia Action Week 2021

17th May 2021

Alzheimer’s Society invites all to act to improve the lives of people affected by dementia […]

Pilates, Pain and Progress

24th July 2020

Pilates, pain and progress – Jacqui has found an exercise regime to combat pain and […]